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BLAM-R2 RUGER AR-556 Bayonet Lug Accessory Mount

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BLAM-R2 RUGER AR-556 Bayonet Lug Accessory Mount

BLAM-R2 RUGER AR-556 Bayonet Lug Accessory Mount

Part Number: BLAM-R2

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The latest revision of the design allows the mount to fit BOTH TYPES of Bayonet lugs.

This is our BLAM-R2.
Designed to exclusively fit the RUGER AR-556 and the unique bayonet lug mount they have.

This mount is a plain, simple Picatinny rail that does not include any attachment points for a sling.

For the BLAM-R WITH RINGS, GO TO THIS PAGE: Custom Defensive Products BLAM-R

The BLAM-R2 mounts using a single 3/8" x 24 x 5/8" socket head set screw. 
The set screw aligns with, and threads through the body of the mount, into the existing QD socket hole in the bottom of the AR-556 gas block.
Using the included 3/8" allen key, the mount is secured for a rock solid mounting with zero movement.
  • 2-1/8" Long with 5 index positions.
  • Weighs only 1.9 Ounces 
  • Precision CNC Machined from T6061 Aluminum Billet
  • Hard Anodized [MIL-A-8625F] Black, Type III
  • Simple, plain MIl-Spec Picatinney rail NO SLING ATTACHMENT POINTS
  • Secure, no movement, rock solid mounting using a single socket head cap screw and hex key, provided
  • Picatinny rail spacing & dimensions to accept any rail mounted accessory.
  • Mount on ANY RUGER AR-556 rifle that has an existing Bayonet Lug on the front Gas Block
  • Manufactured in the USA by Custom Defensive Products.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to the original purchaser.

  • The BLAM-R2 is NOT compatible if the Ruger AR-556 is equipped with MAGPUL Handguards without minor modification to the hand guard itself.

Being designed primarily for Close Quarter Battle situations, all of our mounts are specifically designed and intended to have, a slightly upward angle of about 5 to 10 degrees when correctly installed.
This angle is a functional necessity of the design to allow for the correct alignment of the sights to be nearest the center of the light beam at 15 to 20 yards. 
The angle may vary slightly, due to variances in manufacturing of the gas block and integral lug.
This alignment was tested using the SureFire X200A the X300, Streamlight TLR-1 and TLR-2, and the Insight M3 and M6 Tactical Illuminators. 
It should be correct for most quality manufactured lights & lasers.
This incorporated angle also allows for an easier and correct centering and zeroing of a laser such as on the Streamlight TLR2 or Insight M6. 

If the mount remains parallel with the barrel, ANY laser mounted on the BLAM will not have enough vertical adjustment align the dot with the sights.

If it is mounted parallel with the barrel, the light will be too low on the target, below center of mass.

ALL Photographs are the property of Custom Defensive Products, Copyright 2005 - 2021.
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Streamlight, TLR-2 and any Streamlight associated model numbers are the Trademarks of Streamlight Inc.
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